Emo sometimes.
Inspired in music.
Love playing instruments.

What i felt

I’m sad. I was staying again all day in our house doing nothing but to think, think, think, and think. I am tired Lord. Please be with me!

1 day ago

Can’t sleep

I dunno why I’m still awake. I don’t even feeI that I’m sleepy. Is there someone who think of me? Please stop!

1 day ago


Haha.  Earlier I decided to stalk her twitter account. I have crushed her since she started working in Dencom which is one of my colleague before. Erggg. When times I saw the link of soundcloud etc to her account, I was curious what’s it all about?! So i clicked it, then I was shocked and amazed when I heard her recording voice singing “Somewhat etc.”(i forgot the title). She had a good voice. I didn’t expect it to her as she is a very shy type girl and you can’t hear her singing when you catch her together. She is so humble.  I like her dress code. She’s so smart. So cool! Talented also. Hehe. And also is she’s so beautiful.


4 days ago

Always Positive

If you want to achieve your goals, you have to pursue it! Don’t let negativity ruin your life. Always ask God to give you more strength and courage to pursue your dreams. Let your past be past, never look back! If you feel down, move on! Keep moving forward. You made mistake but never stick to it. Be happy. Be contented. Don’t think too much! Always praying! 

Keep on dreaming! Keep on believing! Then achieve it!

6 days ago

Magulong mundo

I dunno if I made the right decision to resign with my previous job. I’m tired being stressed on how can I survive being a jobless.  Before, I told to myself “Its ok I can find a better job unlike in this company”, all I was thinking is that. But I did not realize its so hard actually staying in this house and thinking what will gonna happen next in my life?!

I’m tired of thinking with non sense things. I wanna cry. I don’t want to talk someone. I felt down! I’m now suffering and missing them all. 

Also I dunno if my savings is enough. All I need now is PRAYER WITH FAITH.  I don’t want to lose my hope. By faith, I know God never leave me with this very tiring life. 

1 week ago
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